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Pianos require special attention whether it is in maintaining, restoring, or moving. It doesn’t matter if your piano is an heirloom or brand new—the risks of transport are the same. Let Relo Moving make sure it is moved in the most professional and safest way possible.

Piano Moving Services

Ensuring an irreplaceable item remains undamaged during a move is stressful and requires professional input and assistance. We have years of experience as movers and have assisted many happy customers with their valuable pianos.

Moving special items also requires the best equipment and techniques to ensure everything goes according to plan and that there is no room for a mishap. At Relo Moving, we employ only the best techniques and latest equipment to ensure pianos are relocated professionally.

We’ll make sure your piano is taken care of and that it reaches its new location without as much as a scratch. From the moment you contact Relo Moving, you will have access to a professional moving coordinator who will oversee the entire process and keep you in the loop. We are dedicated to delivering superior piano relocation services.

Professional Move Coordinators

Once you have made contact, a professional moving coordinator will be assigned to your piano move. They will be in control of every aspect of your move and will make sure that every detail of your priceless instrument is recognized. From planning to measurement to the right packaging, they will spearhead the move on your behalf.

Competitive Rates

Our dedication to delivering superior piano moving services includes providing our customers with cost-effective solutions. We will never overcharge you or include hidden fees. You have our word! At Relo Moving, we don’t just take pride in what we do; we take pride in doing it honestly.

Excellent Equipment and Fleet

We make sure our equipment is up to date and that we employ only tried and trusted techniques so your piano is not damaged during the move. Our outstanding fleet is serviced regularly to ensure timely deliveries.

Thorough Planning

There is nothing we do not think about when it comes to moving special items such as fragile pianos. Our team will measure your piano beforehand to ensure we get it packed perfectly. You can rely on Relo Moving to get your piano to its new location swiftly and damage-free.

Our Promise of Stress Free Piano Moving

Moving such a delicate instrument can be extremely stressful. Taking it on alone is just not an option. Trust the professionals with this specialized job to ensure there is no damage to your valuable item.

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