Living in Fort Worth – Moving to Ft. Worth

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Living in Fort Worth

If you’ve been considering to start living in Fort Worth, it is vital that you get a better understanding of the atmosphere, as well as what you can expect in terms of living costs, crime rates, entertainment, and more. For sure, being the 16th largest city in the entire U.S, Fort Worth has a lot to offer.

But on the other hand, moving to another area of residence should never be done without evaluating the pros and cons at first place. We’ve done much of the hard work on that note for you. Thus, below, you will find all the essential facts and tips you need to know before taking the next big step for your future’s sake and moving to Fort Worth.

Get a Taste of Fort Worth’s Basics

#1 - Useful Statistics About the Life in Fort Worth

Did you know that Fort Worth is ranked in the top 25 of the most populated cities in the USA? Yup, with a population of roughly 875,000 people living in the city in 2018, Fort Worth hits position number 21, right next to San Francisco, Indianapolis, and Columbus.

However, the fact that Fort Worth is densely-populated doesn’t mean it lacks the appeal of a small town when it comes to the spirit, soaked in this area. The residents of Fort Worth are dedicated to preserving the rich history of this region, which has left an imprint on both the relatively low cost of housing prices, as well as the low rates of crime, as compared to other large cities.

#2 - What the Locals Share About Living in Fort Worth

Nobody knows a city better than the locals do, right? According to an article, published in National Geographic, and named Why Locals Love Fort Worth, one can immediately feel at ease in this city just because all the locals seem to do so, too.

One line which can give you a true taste of the atmosphere in Fort Worth when it comes to the way locals feel this place is what the photographer Cherry Werner shares by stating the following:

“Neighbors are truly the “borrow a cup of sugar” kind.”

And indeed, the locals themselves don’t hide the fact they carry a deep love, a one-of-a-kind connection to this laid-back city, where the urban atmosphere doesn’t interfere with the colorful and chilled-out state of mind.

#3 - A Quick Comparison of the Cost of Living

Even though the cost of living in Fort Worth is estimated at 2% higher than the national average, it still remains lower than the living expenses in cities such as Miami, Chicago, and Florida, among others.

For example, the rent of a two-bedroom apartment in Fort Worth is about $1,100 - 1,400, which is quite similar to the rent of the same type of apartment in Phoenix and Dallas. If you are interested in a more detailed comparison of the living costs in Fort Worth (or just about any other city internationally), you may find checking out the Expatistan website worth your time.

#4 - Exploring the Job Opportunities in Fort Worth

According to a recent research, conducted by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, in Fort Worth, the employment in the city keeps rising steadily and has managed to reach an increase of 2.8% with 100,400 new jobs.

In fact, the poverty rates in Fort Worth a way below the average. It is also estimated, however, that the white race is the least affected by poverty rates, featuring only 8.43% of all the residents below the poverty level. With the black race, though, the percentage of people living below that level is 27.01%.

The good news is that the future regarding the employment in Fort Worth looks very optimistic. Nevertheless, with the rise of tourists visiting the city, entrepreneurs may be able to find exciting new opportunities.

What are the Possible Pros & Cons of Forth Worth?

Surely, every city has unique pros and cons which make it a suitable residence for some and a completely unsuitable option for others. Check out the brief outline of the top pros and cons of living in Fort Worth we are listing below in a nutshell.

#5 - Living the Forth Worth’s Life: Pros

- Fort Worth is both cheaper, as well as less crowded than Dallas
- Regular festivals and music shows to enjoy
- A wide range of aquariums and museums
- The older neighborhoods’ real estate prices are getting very affordable. Although you may need to make many possible touchups to your property, the investment can be worth it, especially with the old-days large backyards available
- New suburbs keep popping up, providing many new opportunities for Fort Worth residents-to-be

#6 - Living the Forth Worth’s Life: Cons

- There’s another side to the coin of newly born suburban areas in Fort Worth, though. You may be unable to access city services due to the fact the new suburbs do not have their taxes collected, being located out of the city.
- If there’s a natural resistance within you when it comes to the taste of cowboy culture, then Fort Worth is simply not your type of city, as it is soaked with the cowboy spirit
- Middle-class families may have a hard time managing their budget as far as kids’ sports, as well as adults’ gym memberships, are concerned.
- The funding and maintenance of local schools used to have serious problems. Although the situation is steadily improving, families who plan to move along with their kids may want to consider carefully which school will be best for their loved ones.

Understanding the Meteorological and the Emotional Climate in Forth Worth

#7 - Fort Worth’s Population

Fort Worth’s population was ranked as one of the fastest growing ones in the country back in 2016. In fact, Fort Worth was classified as the seventh quickest growing cities in terms of population.

While this can be interpreted as good news (which it is, undoubtedly), the rise in the number of population can also indicate a rise in the prices of rental in the real estate sector.

531,736 is the estimated number of the population that is part of the White race, while 156, 413 are part of the Black race, while 31,328 are part of the Asian race.

#8 - Forth Worth’s Crime Stats

When it comes to the crime rates in Fort Worth, there is little place for a surprise. The situation in the city as far as crime is concerned doesn’t seem to be better or worse than that in the US as a whole.

However, there are certain areas in Fort Worth where crime rates are higher than others. If you want to find out more information on that matter, you can visit consult with Fort Worth’s Police Department.

#9 - Forth Worth’s Weather

The weather in Fort Worth fails to surprise with anything too dramatic than what we can expect from the weather in Texas. On the one hand, you will have to prepare to deal with very hot summers, when the temperatures typically go well above 95 Fahrenheit.

On the other hand, however, there’s a bright side to withstanding the extremely hot summers as the winter temperature range compensates on that note. Thus, you can expect a mild winter with easy-to-handle electricity bills and less freezing cold thrills.

What to Expect from the Public Transportation in Fort Worth?

Living in Fort Worth is made easy when it comes to public transportation. As opposed to Houston, for example, Fort Worth possesses a reliable and well-functioning bus route system, which also covers a very large percent of the entire city’s area.

Nevertheless, the Trinity Railway Express is very convenient since it connects downtown Fort Worth with downtown Dallas. Plus, there are several stops along the way.

Bike sharing is also very popular and is made affordable and accessible, too, with over 350 bikes-to-share available by simply swiping a credit card to unlock the bike-release system.

A Short Breakdown of the Neighborhoods in Fort Worth

Without any trace of washy wishy chatting around, here’s a brief and useful compilation of the essential highlights you need to know when it comes to Fort Worth’s districts (aka Fort Worth’s neighborhoods).

#10 Downtown

Best of all, the Downtown of Fort Worth is very easy to walk by foot. Thus, even if you don’t own a car (or simply hate the stuck-in-the-traffic scenarios), you can get along with the atmosphere in Fort Worth’s downtown pretty well.

Public transportation is also available, and there’s plenty to enjoy whether you are a shopaholic, a foodie, or a seeker of nightlife entertainment.

#11 - Cultural District

Living up true to its name, the Cultural district will not fail to make the artistic part of your soul sing with joy. There are numerous museums and theatres to nurture your imagination.

Plus, the streets of the Cultural district are constantly being roamed by artists themselves, so you may easily socialize with like-minded individuals.

#12 Fairmount

Fairmount is notorious beyond the borders of Fort Worth itself. In fact, it is well-known as one of the biggest historic neighborhoods in the US.

But if you are looking to explore the best local bars and restaurants to indulge in a good drink and/or a good meal, the Magnolia Avenue is where you need to head out to.

#13 - Texas Christian University

Located nearby the Texas Christian University (and hence the TCU abbreviation of this neighborhood), this is a wonderful part of Fort Worth when it comes to low crime rates, as well as low house pricing.

Not only students enjoy inhabiting the area, and so you can come across people of all ages. Plus, if you have kids, the fact that the Fort Worth Zoo is easily reachable in the TCU district can be an excellent benefit.

#14 - Arlington Heights

Arlington Heights district has established a reputation as a favorite location to young families and young professionals alike. Partially, that’s because of the wonderful affordability of the properties in the district.

However, there’s also more to Arlington Heights’ appeal, and it is closely related to the fact that the roadway is extremely convenient for reaching just about any part of Forth Worth effortlessly.

#15 - Mira Vista

If there’s one winner in the category of the most affordable neighborhoods in Fort Worth, then Mira Vista’s solid position in that category is hard to beat. But before you scream out Hooray, mind that the cheap prices are not low by accident.

Mira Vista is situated a good 20 minutes away from downtown so it may have to spend a lot of your time traveling in order to reach a particular location. That’s undoubtedly one of the reasons why this district is inhabited mostly by the single ones.

Where to Eat and Where to Have Fun in Forth Worth?

The simple pleasures in life can be found in a glass of good wine or a plate of perfectly cooked shrimps. And sometimes, you need to unwind and socialize, too, whether it comes to daytime or nighttime activities. Fort Worth has something to offer on both of these notes.

But instead of providing you with a list of the best spots labeled as must-visits, we simply want to remind you that we live in the era of massive social medializing.

Thus, before exploring possible hot spots to visit and bringing delight to your senses in whatever way you wish to, don’t forget to check out the reviews of those who have been there before you.

Ultimately, cultural activities, diverse nightlife entertainment, as well as fantastic food to enjoy keep expanding and celebrating Fort Worth’s image as a laid-back yet lively city which can offer a little bit of everything.

Did you enjoy this list of facts and tips about living in Fort Worth? We surely hope to have been of your assistance. New beginnings might seem daunting but so is waiting for the vital ray of light to kiss your skin during the darkest night. And in the meantime, we are here to help you on your quest with all things real estate related.


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